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On Saturday, November 21, 2015 we will hold the annual TUL JON-SA to see who is the pattern champion of our area.  A PATTERN CHAMPION will receive a 30 inch trophy-  one trophy for the GUP CHAMPION and one trophy for the BLACK BELT CHAMPION!  This competition is for all students white belt through senior Black Belt who practice General Choi's patterns.  Please click here for more information.





(Pattern Champion) competition started with a demo

from a team of students from

Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc.





Hi Master Cashatt- although it has been difficult to make it to the Dojang this winter between snow and illnesses, we have found Colin's time there very valuable. Your teaching style is extremely positive, gentle, yet firm. The Tigers class is fun and educational. We believe Colin's confidence and self-assurance has improved. 

The components or tenets of TKD really help foster emotional growth in children. 

Mother of Tiger student (age 4-6)


I have been a student at Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School for a few years.  I like training at the dojang because I learned how to defend myself and that makes me feel safe. The instructors are very patient and all of the people at the dojang are really friendly and always happy to help. 

-Jodi Kaiser, 12 year old, blue belt


“I started TKD with my son as I always need some exercise and felt “What am I going to do for the hour that I am here, might as well join them”. It has been tremendous. The self confidence and ability to focus have been great benefits of my training that I use every day at work. It is important not to compare yourself to others and just keep coming. Just do the best YOU can possibly do and keep coming.  The classes start to accumulate and then your testing starts and soon enough you are a black belt.”

John Camilleri – started training at 43, now 4th Degree Black Belt


I count my time spent training at Mark Cashatt’s Taekwon-Do School as some of the most important time of my life.  As a middle and high school student, the training I underwent at the dojang provided me with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.  I gained invaluable confidence in my health and physical condition, as well as the determination and drive to pursue meaningful long terms goals.  During this time the dojang was like a second home to me and the instructors and students like a second family that supported me in my training and helped me mature into a more responsible and capable person. 

It has now been over six years since I moved away from the Souderton area, yet the lessons I learned in Taekwon-Do continue to serve as a guiding doctrine in the way I choose to lead my life.  And when I return home to Souderton to visit my family I look forward to nothing more than coming back to the dojang to see the rest of my Taekwon-Do family and continuing to learn and train with all of the wonderful students and instructors. 

-Richard Chieffo,  24 year old, III DAN






We do not have contracts for students to sign that lock them in to payments for years.  Tuition is just month to month. Taekwon-Do may not be for everyone and so the instructors at Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc.  make the classes fun, exciting and educational so that students never want to quit!  The caring staff creates a positive family atmosphere.  The tenets: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit are talked about in every class.  We tie our belts around our waist so that the ends are equal as they hang down.  One side stands for the physical part of training:  the kicking and the striking, the beautiful and powerful patterns and self-defense; and the other side stands for what is inside of us: being a contributing citizen, making correct choices and making every effort to make a more peaceful world.  The ends must be equal around our waist and in our hearts.  

We are an old dojang (since 1988) which results in a large number of high ranking Black Belts.  This ensures good quality instruction from the Black Belt instructors and it shows that the curriculum keeps students training for decades even at high levels of Black Belt. 

Taekwon-Do embraces the traditional training concepts of mind and body with emphasis on discipline, concentration, speed, power, balance, accuracy and focus.  Traditional training in this powerful style consists of instruction in conduct, conditioning of the body, basic techniques of offense and defense through learning the 24 beautiful patterns, sparring, board breaking and social activities in and outside of the dojang.  We always have plenty of seats for spectators- please stop in!